The Friends of Roselawn Centre

The Friends of Roselawn Centre (FORC) is a nont-for-profit volunteer advisory board whose mission is to resurrect the Roselawn Centre, a civic centre in a magnificent historic mansion currently sustained by the municipality. By using the Roselawn Centre, the Friends of Roselawn Centre hopes to create a permanent, sustainable community arts centre that stimulates and helps co-ordinate the development of the visual, literary, performing and heritage arts within the local community and beyond.


This group of energetic community members have a passion for art & culture, and a love for the beloved Victorian Mansion.

The Friends of Roselawn Centre has established two mandates:

1. To help facilitate the offerings of art & culture events in both the community at large and at the Roselawn Centre

2. Through a partnership with the City, help restore and maintain the Roselawn Centre and the beautiful Victorian Mansion.


We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Friends of Roselawn Centre as a way to show support of these goals and become a part of the future of art & culture in this wonderful community! 

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Our mission: "Creating a home for the arts and entertainment at Roselawn to ensure a vibrant cultural life for our community".