Ramey Road Property Profile

Ramey Road, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, 56.5 acres

Ramey Road Property Profile

General Site Description

This site is 56.5 acres of land with Heavy Industrial zoning. Construction of a custom facility can begin as soon as possible. There are several local construction contractors with extensive experience designing and building industrial facilities. Most supplies for construction can also be locally sourced.

Property Details

  • 56.5 acres of land with Heavy Industrial zoning.
  • The City of Port Colborne is the current owner of this site, which is currently unused.


  • Water and sanitary sewer are available within 2 km of the site.
  • Electrical service at site is 27.6 kv. Upgraded service is available.
  • Natural gas service at site is one 200 mm (7.9 inch) pipe.
  • A variety of broadband telecommunications are available at the site including fibre and coaxial.


  • The site is located close to two expressways. It is 10 km (6 miles) from Hwy. 406 which is part of Ontario's sophisticated highway network, and is 19.5 km (12 miles) from the Queen Elizabeth Way, which offers numerous connections to Western New York. The site is also close to three other provincial highways that serve as secondary transportation routes in Ontario.
  • Port Colborne is located 20 to 30 minutes from the Peace Bridge, which connects to the Interstate Highway System in Buffalo, New York.
  • A City-owned rail line is adjacent to this site. Rail service can be extended to the site pending permissions and approval.
  • The site abuts the Welland Canal; an opportunity exists to establish a new wharf for direct access to port facilities. Port Colborne is home to numerous port facilities capable of handling oversized cargo. There are several local transportation companies with extensive experience in loading and unloading a wide variety of cargo from ships.
  • Port Colborne is located 30 to 40 minutes from the Buffalo International Airport in Buffalo, New York.

Land Uses

  • This site is designated Industrial/Employment in the City's Official Plan and zoned Heavy Industrial in the City's Zoning By-law.
  • Permitted uses for Heavy Industrial include: repair shops for automobiles, including body shops, household furnishings, household appliances, commercial appliances; yards for the concealed storage of lumber, brick, cement blocks, materials used for building construction; laundries and dry cleaning plants; cleaning plants; food processing establishments; scientific or medical establishments; general industrial uses; dyers; printers; publishing establishments; ship chandlers; storage warehouses; machine shops; tinsmiths shops; plumbing shops; electrical appliance sales and service establishments; knitting and woollen mills; establishments for the manufacture of stationary, office equipment, household furnishings, appliances, clothing, shoes; assembly plants for the assembling of finished components; transport trucking and/or truck terminal; fabricating; wholesaling and showrooms accessory to the foregoing permitted uses; any public use; water supply outlet; open outside storage and establishments for manufacturing; extracting; processing; refining; milling; forging; pressing; casting; smelting; fabricating; erecting; assembling; forming; producing; shaping; storing; shipping; repairing; machining; cleaning and servicing.
  • Outside storage is permitted only in the rear yard and interior side yard.
  • Surrounding land uses:

North: Vacant land zoned Agriculture.

East: Vacant land and a residential dwelling, zoned Heavy Industrial and Agriculture.

South: Vacant land, zoned Heavy Industrial.

West: The Welland Canal, a federally owned and operated commercial shipping canal.

Property Value 

This site is currently owned by the City of Port Colborne, which typically sells industrial land for $20,000 per acre.



Contact Information

For more information or further assistance, please contact:

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City of Port Colborne
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