Shopping & Dining

Good treasures and great food await you!

The City of Port Colborne provides an abundance of opportunity for both shoppers and diners alike. Visitors from the United States will find incredible value too. Read more about currency exchange and sales tax rebates below.



You'll find a decent selection of antiques & collectables stores, galleries, greenhouses & nurseries, gift shops, clothing & fashion stores, and shopping plazas.

Looking for that special something? Take a stroll down Historic West Street and through Old Humberstone and enjoy our diverse selection of charming boutiques! On Friday mornings join the locals for the Farmers' Market at the Market Square and enjoy the sights and smells of a traditional Farmers Market.

We invite you to visit Port Colborne and enjoy the wonderful experiences that await you.

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Go out to eat in Port Colborne! Whether you are in the mood for a gourmet meal in an intimate heritage dining room, fresh seafood at a breezy outdoor café, or a cool ice cream cone from one of Canada’s original Dairy Queen’s, you can find a delicious meal or a tasty treat to satisfy every taste.

If nightlife is on the menu, you will see our pubs come alive in the evening with great music, friendship and cheer. Downtown our licensed establishments cater to your comfort with hospitable surroundings that make for a memorable evening. Make new friends with our engaging citizens or enjoy good times with old friends. It's your choice...

Your table is waiting for you ….. In Port!

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Currency Exchange

Visitors to Canada should use Canadian funds. Currently the US dollar enjoys a high premium in Canada. Rates of exchange vary from establishment to establishment.

As there are no laws enforcing the rate of exchange on foreign currency, it is wise to change money at a bank or reputable currency exchange. Currency exchange offices are conveniently located at most travel centres at the US/Ontario border, they offer a good rate of exchange and are open daily. A good rate of exchange is also offered at the currency exchanges at our international airports and at all financial institutions.Banks are generally open 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Thursday; to 6:00pm on Fridays. There are a number of financial institutions in Port Colborne's Downtown Business District.


Sales Tax Rebates

An 8% provincial sales tax (PST) applies to most purchases. An additional 5% federal goods and services tax (GST) applies to most purchases of goods and services.

In April, 2007, the Government of Canada cancelled the Visitor Rebate Program, which reimbursed GST paid by individuals on accommodations and goods purchased while in Canada on holidays. It has been replaced with the Foreign Convention and Tour Incentive Program, which reimburses GST paid for certain goods, services, and accommodations in Canada while the visitor is in Canada with a registered tour operator or at a registered convention. Please consult with your tour operator or convention organizer to discuss eligibility for this program.