Arabella's Tea Room is currently closed to keep the health and safety of our volunteers a top priority. If you require assistance please contact staff at or call 905 834- 7604.

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Arabella's Tea Room

Arabella's Volunteers, in period costume, cordially invite you to Afternoon Tea between the hours of 2 and 4 during their open season.  This turn-of-the-century cottage is part of the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum Heritage Village.



One of many volunteers serving afternoon tea

Arabella's Tea Room began in 1977 with the formation of a Museum Auxiliary willing to operate a tea room on a volunteer basis.  It was originally a small house, built in 1915, as a rental home on the William's Estate.  Arabella Williams lived in the main house which is now the Museum.  The rental house was deemed to be the perfect location for a tea room, and after much research, it was decided that an Edwardian Era theme for afternoon tea would be ideal in creating an authentic atmosphere.  After several months of restoration and deliberation, Arabella's Tea Room was officially opened.  Lieutenant-Governor, Pauline McGibbon cut the opening ribbon, held by Florence Neff Young and H.H. Knoll, on July 1st, 1978. 




Arabella's Tea Room (1915)

The Museum has an auxiliary made up of many devoted volunteers.  The Tea Room is open daily June through September.  Approximately 60 volunteers are needed to run the Tea Room, as each day   2 to 4 volunteers must be present in the Tea Room to bake and serve hot biscuits and tea. The Tea Room always welcomes new volunteers.

To inquire about a volunteer position please call the Museum at 905-834-7604